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Ideas To design Or Remodel A Fireplace.

Brick Panels For Fireplaces

Brick Panels For Fireplaces

Need Ideas To design Or Remodel A Fireplace?

Seriously consider using fireplace faux stone also called faux stone fireplace panels.
Whether you are interested in a complete fireplace remodel or fireplace reface or a new fireplace, look into these panels, accessories and great customer support to create an awesome looking faux stone fireplace.

You can also create a fake fireplace with imitation stone brick. These fake panels are just incredible. Most people who install them in their homes are constantly referring companies like Antico Elements by just having friends and family members over. Just one look at the fireplace remodeled with fake panels and that’s all it takes.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Many of our customers have opted for our fireplace stone panels, stone veneer, rock panels, dry stack and decorative molding to avoid expensive masonry work and time consuming installations.
Some stone and rock panels, designed for interior and exterior use, are easy to install and can be used over existing surfaces like old bricks, wood, directly over wall framing and more.
And let us not forget they can be ordered in fire rated material.

There are various products and companies that offer different levels of quality for their products. The best practice is to have a sample in your hands to compare prices and quality. You do not want to save a few dollars to get a product that looks fake. Reputable companies will offer a rebate for the Sample you order.

Other places like Faux Stone Depot offers a rebate coupon with the samples. Take a look at some of our samples for fireplace stone.

How To Create A Professional Looking Stone Fireplace.

To most homeowners what counts the most when remodeling a part of the house is definitely the look. There are a few ways to make or remodel a stone fireplace and make it look professionally and carefully done.

For some, hiring a mason or a fireplace company may not seem expensive but for most households, particularly today, any bill not paid to a contractor is one that can be used to make our lives more enjoyable.

Let’s say you are one of the fortunate ones who can afford to hire a company.

One thing to make sure is that the materials they will be using are of the highest quality. If they use real stone you need to ask what they will do to the substrate in order to avoid the settling of the stones and eventual cracks. In most cases there is a need for a wire-mesh where the stones are glued or applied with mortar.

  • Some products have stone corner pieces that can be used on the fireplace corners.
    Make sure they do not cut some flat stones to place in these areas as they will not look right.

For those who cannot afford to hire a contractor.

  • You may use heavy stone or go with faux stone products. These are now taking over other material types
    With faux stone you can create a professional fireplace on your own and use the money you would have spent with a mason toward other projects or toward a college loan for your kids.
  • Make sure to shop around for the best quality stone. You can easily get higher quality for the same price of other lower-end products.
  • Ask about the warranty and the return policies.
  • Measure carefully the surface to cover and ask the seller to calculate the quintiles for you.

All in all you can use both methods to create a professionally-looking fireplace but make sure to order samples before making any decision. Also don’t forget to get quotes in writing!

Things To Consider When Building A Stone Fireplace.

Not many can argue the fact that a stone fireplace is historically seen as a mean for a home to provide a source of heat. In the past centuries this tool was also the center or the each family activity since it was also a source of power to heat water and cook meals. Fire in general helped shape most modern technology and the industrial revolution.

Today the use of a fireplace is more for cosmetic and décor reasons. In many cases it is still used as central place and gathering reason for many families but no longer used, besides in some rural areas, to cook meals. Some households though use it as a source of heat, not only for the room where the fireplace is located but sometimes as a central heating system.

One thing that many are not aware of is that while it radiates heat, if not properly setup a fireplace can drain a substantial amount of heat from the room, therefore countering the same purpose it is used for.

That’s right, as the chimney flute sucks up the smoke from the firebox, it naturally pull the air from the room it sits in and often the entire house.
In most setups the firebox is simply open or with a glass door that does not separate it from the adjacent room.

Heating with a fireplace

Heating with a fireplace

The correct setup should have the firebox sealed from the room and with a vent to catch fresh air from the outside. The heat can be sent to the interior room either by radiation through a sealed glass door system or through a ventilation system made of a serpentine core and fans.

This option is not always cheap but it saves a lot in heating costs.

How To Create An Outdoor Fireplace Or Firepit.

In most climate zones of the USA there are parts of the year when it gets cold at night. One the most relaxing time of a family definitely takes place around the fireplace.

What if this centerpiece of home decoration was built outdoor?

Outdoor stone fireplace and fire pit

Outdoor stone fireplace and fire pit

Fireplaces and fire pits are really a great way to gather your family members and friends at night or during a BBQ. These elements need to be built to last so you cannot skimp on material, design and careful planning.

You want to design the fireplace in a way that adds character to you existing home design. The most popular design is a stone fireplace. Whether you decide to use cobblestone, stacked stone or even  river rock, you have to plan the construction keeping in mind a few important points:

  • Where are you building your stone fireplace?
  • Can it support the weight of the frame and the stone?
  • Is it going to be outdoor and under the elements?
  • Level of maintenance needed, based on the material used
  • Research carefully for the best materials.

Some homeowners often jump into the construction without proper planning. Often times they build a fireplace on top of a wooden deck without worrying about the structure supporting it. Natural stone is definitely a no-no if you plan to build your fire pit on an elevated and flimsy deck. If you have to build it there you should really look into faux stone to use around it. With quality fake stone you will not have compromise realistic feel for affordable prices.

Using lightweight faux stone can be a real blessing for you because it allows you to solve the weight issue quite easily.

If you build your fire pit or fireplace outdoor you want to use materials that are water-resistant and long lasting. This is another great reason to use imitation stone, which does not rot, mold or discolor. Some products and prices:

Most families do not have the time to constantly repaint or clean their outdoor fireplace so they need a material that doesn’t absorb water and dirt. Using sheets of synthetic, polyurethane stone will provide that huge advantage. They look real and last forever.

Take your time to  find the best faux stone materials, you will appreciate them for a very long time.

Using an interior designer or not for your stone fireplace.

Interior designer roles have changed greatly in the past. Years ago people that were involved in interior decoration frequently went on their very own natural talent and ability. They had quite little formal training whatsoever. The contemporary designer works in an extremely different way and they’ll typically be in possession of a college or university degree which took at least four years to get. While you can do it without a college education still, a profession in this field is better off having one.

Interior designers help individuals or companies make their living space a thing of beauty and comfort. Obviously, this is not a simple objective to achieve as everyone has different likes and concepts, however by dealing with the building proprietors or renters it’s possible to achieve a higher level of success. Whenever up against a building that requires an interior design plan, the first concern will be to locate a style with that the property owner or tenant ordering the work will feel at ease with. If there’s a huge clash of suggestions between the designer and owner, it will be better to end the project and work with somebody else.

An interior designer is a lot more than an individual rearranging a room or offering their advice on colors of the walls. You simply cannot hand over to a customer some color styles and basic ideas and go from there. This can be achieved, naturally, but if that is all you need you could use a simple decorating firm, and don’t have any need for a designer. A designer is worth their hire simply because they can easily input their own personal ingenuity into the project and produce something which will be much better than the owner had in mind.

Whether you decide to use a designer, an interior decorator or simply take this task in your own hands, we want to help you design the best faux stone fireplace possible. Designing a family room, for example, can be quite easy and if you include a fireplace make sure to take a look at some quality sheets of imitation stone for fireplaces. We have tested them extensively.

Fireplace covered with panels and not real stone

Great blog to help you design your stone fireplace

Numerous interior designers work in the home market, as there’s more dollars spent beautifying the home than in previous times. Even though there’s a huge market for do-it-yourself products, and a complete army of people that take this job on for themselves, there are lots of individuals that want to call in an expert and save their effort and time. Interior designers focus on distinct styles and techniques so make certain you do your homework before picking one to do business with you. Most of them are open to dealing with a variety of suggestions but each has their own special style. Most of these are not familiar with stone fireplaces panels and incorporating them in a design. Make sure to bring it up.

If a designer works with commercial buildings they frequently are not as free to let their creativity flow. In the home you only have one or two people giving suggestions toward the ultimate look. It really is the clientele and customers using the building who have to feel relaxed there, and whilst there is a place for smaller niche companies that appeal to out-of-the-ordinary styles, most commercial buildings need to have a wide appeal.

Ultimately it is up to you to be fully or partially involved in the design of a building. In either case, you still have to do your homework.

Understanding How To Add Value To A Home.


Gorgeous remodeled faux fireplace stone

Gorgeous remodeled faux fireplace stone

There are many techniques to master about property strategy of investment but eventually you will discover significantly far more wrong ways that are generally used by rookies. Below you will see a few ideas which will help you stay away from the disadvantages of not-knowing and ensure that you will be making the best deal possible.

If you are looking to buy real estate, have patience and use a realistic approach about any opportunity which may be made available to you. You will likely be unable to get the best piece of property immediately or possibly even in the near future.

Obtaining home insurance may be a requirement for any person investing in a house. It has to be done before moving in.

Seek to take ownership of homes with fireplaces in just one of the rooms. The reason being that it’s hard to clean out more than one fireplace, plus most people don’t use them as much as they think they will. One way to make it easy on the new owner is to create a new fireplace or have a makeover of an existing one by using the very affordable imitation stone panels from a store like or and add a sizable value to the property.


If sellers discover you are presently approved for a loan, they could be more ready to give you a better selling price. A pre-approval letter coming from a loan company usually cuts down on the time that it will take for you to go to closing because much of the contracts have already been handled by the prospective lender.

Take into consideration just what the foreseeable future may hold if you are in the position to invest in a property. While you might not have children at the moment, it might be wise to check into the local educational facilities near a prospective house.

Badly planned out real-estate investments may result in costly mistakes. If one makes use of suggestions like you’ve just read, your real-estate buying prospects can improve considerably. Now, all it requires is to follow through.


Good Home Improvement Ideas

Fireplaces with faux stone panels are the new way of influencing a space while saving a few bucks. These stone panels come in different styles, shapes, and colors to suit every possible project or idea. The traditional ways of updating or upgrading rooms through real stones are over. The installation of imitation stone is very easy, lightweight, and less time consuming than that of the heavier and costly real stones.

The main goal of any home improvement project is to maximize value while minimizing costs and time, which can only be done through faux stone & rock panels. Many companies look to them to add value to an area of a home or office to give a space that unique flare. There are so many designs to choose from with faux stone panels that make an idea easy to bring to life.


When installing these faux stone panels, the only necessary tools are a hammer, screw, and construction adhesives such as Liquid Nails. The light weight of the panels should make it easy for anybody to install and secure the placement of the panels. Through the ease of installation, the labor time and costs should drastically be cut down to a minimum.


The Knowledge!


Consumers often see buying home improvement products as a hassle or inconvenience because of all the fraud artists and extremely high prices for stone panels on the internet now a day. A lot of manufacturers and engineers may help you to get the ideal fake stone solution to decorate your current space with but may cost a pretty penny. Considering all the brand new materials emerging on the market can be tough to keep track of just what is new or old. Home designers and contractors can intimidate many consumers with jargon and steep prices but they need to know there are materials and products that can be used to replace traditional rocks or stones for decor at an affordable price.

There are many  products that are new, bold in design, and relatively affordable for consumers to add value to their homes. There’s no reason for hiring some contractor any more for homeowners due to the fact that with such new products and replicas on the market that are easily installed a homeowner with a “can do” attitude will certainly finish the project with relative ease.

Many think their place may be looking great inside and still constantly disregard what the outside looks like. Wouldn’t a nice outdoor fireplace help with that?
You will also stop worrying about having people over and having a place where guests can be left alone while you maintain the supply of food and drinks.

One last thing you can do is put a husband to good work by asking to remove all the weeks that surround the walls that are in contact with the ground.

It only take a small amount of knowledge to keep your place inviting

More Outdoors This Summer

Nothing is more relaxing than the usual breath of outdoors, which can be likely the key reason why the lines between indoors and out have blurred immensely. More homeowners are moving their living rooms outside to well-appointed patios and decks, furnishing these spaces with the comforts of the favorite indoor gathering spaces. A decent way to help transform a space is to implement wall treatments such as light fixtures or even rock panels. Give your outdoor space an intimate feel with a new fireplace or gravel pit. Fireplace’s don’t have to be expensive anymore, with the use of faux stones its now easier than ever to dress up that old traditional looking fireplace or pit. Add some flare with the ease of installing faux stones or rocks around the fireplace to give the outdoor space a great theme.

Studies have shown homebuilders are now incorporating two- and three-sided outdoor rooms into home plans. Manufacturers too are addressing the popularity by providing several products designed for outdoor living, giving homeowners nearly as numerous choices to decorate their outdoor living rooms as those inside their homes – including furniture, textiles, lighting,  and in many cases WiFi-enabled outdoor entertainment systems.

“Homeowners are spending as much determination on outdoor living projects as they quite simply do indoor decorating endeavors,” notes Denise Patterson, product manager for Krylon, the nation’s leader in spray paint. “With all the summer season just nearby, now’s some time to renew your outdoor living space making it ‘relaxation ready’ for the warm months of fun ahead.”

Pep up with paint

One of the easiest and many inexpensive ways to spruce up a backyard area is as simple as refurbishing existing furniture along with other pieces with spray paint. Whilst you want furniture to look stylish, in addition, you want something which put in at home to wash and gaze after, and stands up against rain, heat and sunlight. No-one wants freshly painted furniture to fade, chip or rust prior to the season ends.

From wicker furniture and patio tables to pottery and planters, Krylon’s Outdoor Spaces type of spray finishes offers an array of durable, yet contemporary colors that may easily assist you to achieve sophisticated looks using the convenience of spray paint. Because homeowners are trying to find not only basic colors, they’re available in several new, vibrant and exciting hues, including Poppy, Ivy, Ocean and Sunlight.

Lighten up with fabric and lighting

Once your painting projects are complete, accent your bold color choices with unique and interesting cushions and throw pillows made from stain- and mildew-resistant fabrics. Keep in mind that your new furniture colors and coordinating cushions will “pop” and appear brighter using the right kind of outdoor lighting. Depending on how we configure your outdoor normal space, you’ll be able to install lighted ceiling fans, place environmentally-friendly solar accent lighting in surrounding flowerbeds, and use portable lamps designed expressly for exterior use.

Add nature … having a twist

Surviving in the great outdoors wouldn’t be complete when you didn’t weave in natural elements such as fire and water. A grill, fire bowl and water features, such as a container pond, bird bath or waterfall planter further tie together an ideal mix of inside meets outside.

Additionally, portable patio heaters are an easy way to permit you to enjoy your outdoor haven even if nights get chilly, enabling you to maximize your space all season long.

Include enticing entertainment

And don’t forget the entertainment. Outdoor-friendly systems exist for just about any budget – including WiFi- or satellite-radio-enabled speaker systems to get a little mood music, to high-end comprehensive systems that include plasma TVs and multichannel audio. All are meant to withstand any weather.

With every one of the stylish and unique design possibilities open that will help you create your backyard oasis this summer, why even consider expending spare time indoors? The growing season lasts only a few months in several climates, so make the most of it by designing a supreme outdoor lounge that’s perfect for gathering, cooking, entertaining and relaxing with friends and family.

Retaining Wall Construction

The initial step in retaining wall construction is to determine the size or area of the retaining wall by linear foot. This will figure into the estimate of materials needed later. Mark off the area with a string line and allow for extra room on the sides of the retaining wall blocks for a good gravel base.

Estimate the materials required, chose ideal retaining wall blocks, the size you choose will determine the amount needed, for example: if 12 inch blocks are used the number times the linear foot needed is obvious. If 8 or 16 inch blocks are used, convert total linear distance needed to inches and divide by 8 for an eight inch block. Estimate base material- gravel(3/4 quarry process) for under retaining wall, use 4- 6 inch gravel base, more if retaining wall is higher in size.

Preparing for a good retaining wall construction the base is the most important and will be probably the most time consuming procedure. Excavate by shovel or loader if available, use local digging laws to make sure to avoid any buried cable. If possible use a landscape fabric under gravel for greater support and protect base from soil. Some areas may need a deeper base(6 or more inches) due to poor soil or recent disturbed soil from new house construction. Next- get the gravel base in by wheelbarrow, shovel, loader, and rake it out to approximate level.

Grade the retaining wall base with a rake and 2X4 to get an even base where the wall might be placed. The string line ought to be in place with a proper level set and the direction of the wall. So when the base is ready and compacted to the correct string level, all you need to do is line the rear flat side of the retaining wall blocks with the string and keep on placing blocks. When installing string line, remember that the first coarse of blocks needs to be 3/4 buried for good support of the entire wall.
Use a plate compactor or like compaction device to get a good strong base for the wall. If the gravel is too dry, wet it down some using a garden hose to make it pack better. Grade additional times after each compaction until complete.

Lay the retaining wall blocks along the string line until the first layer is complete, remember to have this first coarse secured well, some bury the first layer almost entirely or 3/4 buried so the base is strong. When layer 1 is done, the next coarse is easier, up to the height you want to allow it to be. Use a landscape block adhesive between each coarse for extra strength.

Some retaining wall blocks may have to be cut to finish or match nicely to a foundation or other structure. Use a diamond blade chop saw to get a good cut. measure block in place and cut on your marked line. Retaining wall caps are an effective option to use, they add the best appearance and will not allow weeds to grow between the joints on top of a wall. (depends on type of block used) secure using a landscape block adhesive for added strength.

Finish the retaining wall construction by adding or back fill any more base material or black dirt in front or behind the wall, seed grass if needed. If retaining wall is located in an area that water drainage is a concern, use a drain tile pipe along the back base of the wall and use rock or water friendly material for drainage purposes. Use this on the back of the retaining wall before black dirt or other soil is added.

Tip: Use Landscape Block Adhesive between each coarse of blocks, run a bead of caulk along the blocks, this may make the wall stronger and moisture won’t trickle through the blocks, they will be sealed. An excellent alternative to think of, is the use of faux stone panels or stone veneer sheets which mostly come in lightweight materials that make installation easy and simple. Not only do veneer panels offer a variety of designs, but most come pre-caulked and insulated for use.