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Ideas To design Or Remodel A Fireplace.

Brick Panels For Fireplaces

Brick Panels For Fireplaces

Need Ideas To design Or Remodel A Fireplace?

Seriously consider using fireplace faux stone also called faux stone fireplace panels.
Whether you are interested in a complete fireplace remodel or fireplace reface or a new fireplace, look into these panels, accessories and great customer support to create an awesome looking faux stone fireplace.

You can also create a fake fireplace with imitation stone brick. These fake panels are just incredible. Most people who install them in their homes are constantly referring companies like Antico Elements by just having friends and family members over. Just one look at the fireplace remodeled with fake panels and that’s all it takes.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Many of our customers have opted for our fireplace stone panels, stone veneer, rock panels, dry stack and decorative molding to avoid expensive masonry work and time consuming installations.
Some stone and rock panels, designed for interior and exterior use, are easy to install and can be used over existing surfaces like old bricks, wood, directly over wall framing and more.
And let us not forget they can be ordered in fire rated material.

There are various products and companies that offer different levels of quality for their products. The best practice is to have a sample in your hands to compare prices and quality. You do not want to save a few dollars to get a product that looks fake. Reputable companies will offer a rebate for the Sample you order.

Other places like Faux Stone Depot offers a rebate coupon with the samples. Take a look at some of our samples for fireplace stone.

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