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How To Create A Professional Looking Stone Fireplace.

To most homeowners what counts the most when remodeling a part of the house is definitely the look. There are a few ways to make or remodel a stone fireplace and make it look professionally and carefully done.

For some, hiring a mason or a fireplace company may not seem expensive but for most households, particularly today, any bill not paid to a contractor is one that can be used to make our lives more enjoyable.

Let’s say you are one of the fortunate ones who can afford to hire a company.

One thing to make sure is that the materials they will be using are of the highest quality. If they use real stone you need to ask what they will do to the substrate in order to avoid the settling of the stones and eventual cracks. In most cases there is a need for a wire-mesh where the stones are glued or applied with mortar.

  • Some products have stone corner pieces that can be used on the fireplace corners.
    Make sure they do not cut some flat stones to place in these areas as they will not look right.

For those who cannot afford to hire a contractor.

  • You may use heavy stone or go with faux stone products. These are now taking over other material types
    With faux stone you can create a professional fireplace on your own and use the money you would have spent with a mason toward other projects or toward a college loan for your kids.
  • Make sure to shop around for the best quality stone. You can easily get higher quality for the same price of other lower-end products.
  • Ask about the warranty and the return policies.
  • Measure carefully the surface to cover and ask the seller to calculate the quintiles for you.

All in all you can use both methods to create a professionally-looking fireplace but make sure to order samples before making any decision. Also don’t forget to get quotes in writing!

How To Create An Outdoor Fireplace Or Firepit.

In most climate zones of the USA there are parts of the year when it gets cold at night. One the most relaxing time of a family definitely takes place around the fireplace.

What if this centerpiece of home decoration was built outdoor?

Outdoor stone fireplace and fire pit

Outdoor stone fireplace and fire pit

Fireplaces and fire pits are really a great way to gather your family members and friends at night or during a BBQ. These elements need to be built to last so you cannot skimp on material, design and careful planning.

You want to design the fireplace in a way that adds character to you existing home design. The most popular design is a stone fireplace. Whether you decide to use cobblestone, stacked stone or even  river rock, you have to plan the construction keeping in mind a few important points:

  • Where are you building your stone fireplace?
  • Can it support the weight of the frame and the stone?
  • Is it going to be outdoor and under the elements?
  • Level of maintenance needed, based on the material used
  • Research carefully for the best materials.

Some homeowners often jump into the construction without proper planning. Often times they build a fireplace on top of a wooden deck without worrying about the structure supporting it. Natural stone is definitely a no-no if you plan to build your fire pit on an elevated and flimsy deck. If you have to build it there you should really look into faux stone to use around it. With quality fake stone you will not have compromise realistic feel for affordable prices.

Using lightweight faux stone can be a real blessing for you because it allows you to solve the weight issue quite easily.

If you build your fire pit or fireplace outdoor you want to use materials that are water-resistant and long lasting. This is another great reason to use imitation stone, which does not rot, mold or discolor. Some products and prices:

Most families do not have the time to constantly repaint or clean their outdoor fireplace so they need a material that doesn’t absorb water and dirt. Using sheets of synthetic, polyurethane stone will provide that huge advantage. They look real and last forever.

Take your time to  find the best faux stone materials, you will appreciate them for a very long time.