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Ideas To design Or Remodel A Fireplace.

Brick Panels For Fireplaces

Brick Panels For Fireplaces

Need Ideas To design Or Remodel A Fireplace?

Seriously consider using fireplace faux stone also called faux stone fireplace panels.
Whether you are interested in a complete fireplace remodel or fireplace reface or a new fireplace, look into these panels, accessories and great customer support to create an awesome looking faux stone fireplace.

You can also create a fake fireplace with imitation stone brick. These fake panels are just incredible. Most people who install them in their homes are constantly referring companies like Antico Elements by just having friends and family members over. Just one look at the fireplace remodeled with fake panels and that’s all it takes.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Many of our customers have opted for our fireplace stone panels, stone veneer, rock panels, dry stack and decorative molding to avoid expensive masonry work and time consuming installations.
Some stone and rock panels, designed for interior and exterior use, are easy to install and can be used over existing surfaces like old bricks, wood, directly over wall framing and more.
And let us not forget they can be ordered in fire rated material.

There are various products and companies that offer different levels of quality for their products. The best practice is to have a sample in your hands to compare prices and quality. You do not want to save a few dollars to get a product that looks fake. Reputable companies will offer a rebate for the Sample you order.

Other places like Faux Stone Depot offers a rebate coupon with the samples. Take a look at some of our samples for fireplace stone.

Things To Consider When Building A Stone Fireplace.

Not many can argue the fact that a stone fireplace is historically seen as a mean for a home to provide a source of heat. In the past centuries this tool was also the center or the each family activity since it was also a source of power to heat water and cook meals. Fire in general helped shape most modern technology and the industrial revolution.

Today the use of a fireplace is more for cosmetic and décor reasons. In many cases it is still used as central place and gathering reason for many families but no longer used, besides in some rural areas, to cook meals. Some households though use it as a source of heat, not only for the room where the fireplace is located but sometimes as a central heating system.

One thing that many are not aware of is that while it radiates heat, if not properly setup a fireplace can drain a substantial amount of heat from the room, therefore countering the same purpose it is used for.

That’s right, as the chimney flute sucks up the smoke from the firebox, it naturally pull the air from the room it sits in and often the entire house.
In most setups the firebox is simply open or with a glass door that does not separate it from the adjacent room.

Heating with a fireplace

Heating with a fireplace

The correct setup should have the firebox sealed from the room and with a vent to catch fresh air from the outside. The heat can be sent to the interior room either by radiation through a sealed glass door system or through a ventilation system made of a serpentine core and fans.

This option is not always cheap but it saves a lot in heating costs.

Using an interior designer or not for your stone fireplace.

Interior designer roles have changed greatly in the past. Years ago people that were involved in interior decoration frequently went on their very own natural talent and ability. They had quite little formal training whatsoever. The contemporary designer works in an extremely different way and they’ll typically be in possession of a college or university degree which took at least four years to get. While you can do it without a college education still, a profession in this field is better off having one.

Interior designers help individuals or companies make their living space a thing of beauty and comfort. Obviously, this is not a simple objective to achieve as everyone has different likes and concepts, however by dealing with the building proprietors or renters it’s possible to achieve a higher level of success. Whenever up against a building that requires an interior design plan, the first concern will be to locate a style with that the property owner or tenant ordering the work will feel at ease with. If there’s a huge clash of suggestions between the designer and owner, it will be better to end the project and work with somebody else.

An interior designer is a lot more than an individual rearranging a room or offering their advice on colors of the walls. You simply cannot hand over to a customer some color styles and basic ideas and go from there. This can be achieved, naturally, but if that is all you need you could use a simple decorating firm, and don’t have any need for a designer. A designer is worth their hire simply because they can easily input their own personal ingenuity into the project and produce something which will be much better than the owner had in mind.

Whether you decide to use a designer, an interior decorator or simply take this task in your own hands, we want to help you design the best faux stone fireplace possible. Designing a family room, for example, can be quite easy and if you include a fireplace make sure to take a look at some quality sheets of imitation stone for fireplaces. We have tested them extensively.

Fireplace covered with panels and not real stone

Great blog to help you design your stone fireplace

Numerous interior designers work in the home market, as there’s more dollars spent beautifying the home than in previous times. Even though there’s a huge market for do-it-yourself products, and a complete army of people that take this job on for themselves, there are lots of individuals that want to call in an expert and save their effort and time. Interior designers focus on distinct styles and techniques so make certain you do your homework before picking one to do business with you. Most of them are open to dealing with a variety of suggestions but each has their own special style. Most of these are not familiar with stone fireplaces panels and incorporating them in a design. Make sure to bring it up.

If a designer works with commercial buildings they frequently are not as free to let their creativity flow. In the home you only have one or two people giving suggestions toward the ultimate look. It really is the clientele and customers using the building who have to feel relaxed there, and whilst there is a place for smaller niche companies that appeal to out-of-the-ordinary styles, most commercial buildings need to have a wide appeal.

Ultimately it is up to you to be fully or partially involved in the design of a building. In either case, you still have to do your homework.

Faux Stone For Fireplace

Throughout time, it has been very difficult to actually obtain great quality stones at a low price until now. The solutions are new innovative products such as faux stone panels made of polyurethane components that offer the same great look as natural stones but at a cheaper price. Faux stone panels create a new opportunity for imitation stone with the ease of installation around a fireplace and affordable pricing as seen here:

Stone fireplace

Having a great quality product is in part to hand painted and hand designed panels, which provide the original theme of a natural looking stone. Replica stones give a very realistic appearance to that of real stones. Faux river rock sections offer an alternative to the stacked stone design and can be used for interior or exterior projects of a home or a space. Due to the economic pricing of the raw materials used in making faux stone panels, any home improvement project can be done comfortably and easily.

Faux Stone fireplaces can drastically change the mood or theme of a room instantly. There are different designs to dress up your fireplace with such as bricks, stones, or even river rocks to bring your room to life. Installation is made simple with the use of construction adhesives (ex. Liquid Nails) and also screws to secure placement. Anyone with the “Do it Yourself) attitude can create a great project and see it through.