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More Outdoors This Summer

Nothing is more relaxing than the usual breath of outdoors, which can be likely the key reason why the lines between indoors and out have blurred immensely. More homeowners are moving their living rooms outside to well-appointed patios and decks, furnishing these spaces with the comforts of the favorite indoor gathering spaces. A decent way to help transform a space is to implement wall treatments such as light fixtures or even rock panels. Give your outdoor space an intimate feel with a new fireplace or gravel pit. Fireplace’s don’t have to be expensive anymore, with the use of faux stones its now easier than ever to dress up that old traditional looking fireplace or pit. Add some flare with the ease of installing faux stones or rocks around the fireplace to give the outdoor space a great theme.

Studies have shown homebuilders are now incorporating two- and three-sided outdoor rooms into home plans. Manufacturers too are addressing the popularity by providing several products designed for outdoor living, giving homeowners nearly as numerous choices to decorate their outdoor living rooms as those inside their homes – including furniture, textiles, lighting,  and in many cases WiFi-enabled outdoor entertainment systems.

“Homeowners are spending as much determination on outdoor living projects as they quite simply do indoor decorating endeavors,” notes Denise Patterson, product manager for Krylon, the nation’s leader in spray paint. “With all the summer season just nearby, now’s some time to renew your outdoor living space making it ‘relaxation ready’ for the warm months of fun ahead.”

Pep up with paint

One of the easiest and many inexpensive ways to spruce up a backyard area is as simple as refurbishing existing furniture along with other pieces with spray paint. Whilst you want furniture to look stylish, in addition, you want something which put in at home to wash and gaze after, and stands up against rain, heat and sunlight. No-one wants freshly painted furniture to fade, chip or rust prior to the season ends.

From wicker furniture and patio tables to pottery and planters, Krylon’s Outdoor Spaces type of spray finishes offers an array of durable, yet contemporary colors that may easily assist you to achieve sophisticated looks using the convenience of spray paint. Because homeowners are trying to find not only basic colors, they’re available in several new, vibrant and exciting hues, including Poppy, Ivy, Ocean and Sunlight.

Lighten up with fabric and lighting

Once your painting projects are complete, accent your bold color choices with unique and interesting cushions and throw pillows made from stain- and mildew-resistant fabrics. Keep in mind that your new furniture colors and coordinating cushions will “pop” and appear brighter using the right kind of outdoor lighting. Depending on how we configure your outdoor normal space, you’ll be able to install lighted ceiling fans, place environmentally-friendly solar accent lighting in surrounding flowerbeds, and use portable lamps designed expressly for exterior use.

Add nature … having a twist

Surviving in the great outdoors wouldn’t be complete when you didn’t weave in natural elements such as fire and water. A grill, fire bowl and water features, such as a container pond, bird bath or waterfall planter further tie together an ideal mix of inside meets outside.

Additionally, portable patio heaters are an easy way to permit you to enjoy your outdoor haven even if nights get chilly, enabling you to maximize your space all season long.

Include enticing entertainment

And don’t forget the entertainment. Outdoor-friendly systems exist for just about any budget – including WiFi- or satellite-radio-enabled speaker systems to get a little mood music, to high-end comprehensive systems that include plasma TVs and multichannel audio. All are meant to withstand any weather.

With every one of the stylish and unique design possibilities open that will help you create your backyard oasis this summer, why even consider expending spare time indoors? The growing season lasts only a few months in several climates, so make the most of it by designing a supreme outdoor lounge that’s perfect for gathering, cooking, entertaining and relaxing with friends and family.