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Things To Consider When Building A Stone Fireplace.

Not many can argue the fact that a stone fireplace is historically seen as a mean for a home to provide a source of heat. In the past centuries this tool was also the center or the each family activity since it was also a source of power to heat water and cook meals. Fire in general helped shape most modern technology and the industrial revolution.

Today the use of a fireplace is more for cosmetic and décor reasons. In many cases it is still used as central place and gathering reason for many families but no longer used, besides in some rural areas, to cook meals. Some households though use it as a source of heat, not only for the room where the fireplace is located but sometimes as a central heating system.

One thing that many are not aware of is that while it radiates heat, if not properly setup a fireplace can drain a substantial amount of heat from the room, therefore countering the same purpose it is used for.

That’s right, as the chimney flute sucks up the smoke from the firebox, it naturally pull the air from the room it sits in and often the entire house.
In most setups the firebox is simply open or with a glass door that does not separate it from the adjacent room.

Heating with a fireplace

Heating with a fireplace

The correct setup should have the firebox sealed from the room and with a vent to catch fresh air from the outside. The heat can be sent to the interior room either by radiation through a sealed glass door system or through a ventilation system made of a serpentine core and fans.

This option is not always cheap but it saves a lot in heating costs.

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